What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.


‘What is Seo?’ is currently one of the most popular questions asked by small and medium businesses.

SEO 101…

Whenever you enter a phrase or word into a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo, you get a “search engine results page” or SERP showing the websites the the search engine ranks as most relevant to that phrase or word.

The SERP usually shows 10 results (links to websites) per page, and there can be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages available! Users are most likely to click on the results that appear at the top of page one.

SEO optimises a website for certain words and phrases so that it will rank highly. ‘What is Seo’ is a good question. ‘How does Seo work’ is a much better question!

There are many factors to take into account when optimising your site for keywords and phrases.

On-Page Seo is the art of optimising the web pages themselves. If your main keyword is ‘golf shoes’, then you need to include that phrase in your webpage so search engines can understand that your site is relevant to that search word. Title and description tags, body text, image alternative texts,  are all places where the phrase can feature.

Other important on-page seo factors include page speed, internal links and url structure. There are potentially many more on-page seo factors to be considered. We will audit your site free of charge in order to inform you better about the health of your website.

Off-Page Seo is the art of building an online reputation for your website. Blogging, social media activity, link building, forum postings, all raise your online profile. These activities used to be only successful if you can link back to your own site but these days it works slightly. Even if a link back to your site is not recognised by search engines, high traffic to your site is a huge factor in ranking your web pages.  In fact, website ranking is one big popularity contest! The more visitors to your site the better. So blogging and advertising are responsible for much of your page rankings. Take a look at our seo options.