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5 Reasons You Should be using Pinterest to Boost SEO

5 Tips on Pinterest for BusinessWe all know about Facebook and, love it or hate it, try to incorporate it into our online marketing efforts. Since the launch of Timeline, images have become a far more important factor in gaining social interaction with our posts and shares. In fact, it is said that facebook posts with images get 53% more likes than those that don’t. And although you are unlikely to get a huge amount of sales from a facebook post, it is great for brand awareness and customer loyalty.

So images are great. Wait! Don’t go away, there’s more. Enter Pinterest, the website where you ‘pin’ images. Consumers love it, businesses are coming around slowly. Quicken your pace a bit, it’s a very valuable tool!

Why you should be using Pinterest for your business.

Pinterest is getting very popular and it is always good be be familiar with the latest craze on social media. But that isn’t the only reason you should create an account and start pinning. Here are 5 tips on making Pinterest work for you.

1. Self Promotion

Pinterest is very much about beautiful images, so where better to show off your great photos of your product. Each image you pin to a board links back to it’s original website. Pin images directly from your own website and people who click on your content in Pinterest will be directly straight to your website. So it’s great for generating new visitors and leads!

You need to make sure your images are compelling enough for someone to click on and hopefully share. Also make sure that the landing page they are directed to on your site is engaging and informative. Don’t make them regret clicking on your pin.

2. Build Links

What better way to link to your site! As more people share your content on Pinterest, more links are being generated in your favour. Rembemer though, Pinterest links are NoFollow since March 2012. This means you won’t be getting the traditional ‘Link Juice’ from the links. However, the link to your website in your profile is a DoFollow link and does appear on all your pins. So popularity on Pinterest does aid your seo campaign.

Make sure you use the description tag on your images wisely. You can edit them within your Pinterest board. These description tags will help users to find your content. So also make sure you link to a variety of pages on your site. The best way to do this is to run a blog. That way your content is being updated all the time so you have lots of things to Pin about. People will  get bored with you if all you link to is your checkout page.

3.  Meet The Neighbours

Following other Pinners in your industry is a great way to network with people you may not have otherwise connected to.

You can repin other peoples content onto one of your boards. You will have gained interesting content for your board, they will have had their Pin shared. They might return the favour. That’s the general rule of thumb in social media.

You can also comment on Pins. This can raise your brand awareness and harness connections. All good networking.

4. Be Keyword Savvy

Remember I mentioned you can manage your descriptions? Make sure you use relevant keywords so you can be found in the correct context. Don’t spam it though trying to get into all the categories. Be relevant and authentic.

5. Get Inspired

Honestly, once you start to Pin you will begin to re-look at your tired old info-graphics that you use time and time again in your blog posts. You will get great inspiration from fellow Pinners and will find yourself on Photoshop a lot more creating unique images to illustrate your content. You will also begin to realise what kind of images work for your industry and what should be avoided. Pins that work means more repins and more visitors to your site.

Your own personal experiences with Pinterest will shape how you evolve with this latest social media channel.

So happy Pinning folks!